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Release: 12 November 2021

This is such a haunting soundtrack but a classic in the making for sure. It has the signature sound embedded in it of Alia but do not expect the expected. This is a true masterpiece soundtrack thats sits right up there with some of the best. As a soundtrack it has suspense almost t the point you are expecting to be made to jump under the covers to hide from whats coming.

The addition of eerie chants, choruses and the ghoulish breathing in the mix add to the atmosphere of the soundtrack.

So other than be prepared listen to this in headphones on loud and be in the dark, oh yes be afraid, Alia is ready to haunt you with her music.

-VK Mike

Häxan, also known as The Witches or Witchcraft Through the Ages is a 1922 silent horror film written and directed by Benjamin Christensen. Consisting partly of documentary-style storytelling as well as dramatized narrative sequences, the film charts the historical roots and superstitions surrounding witchcraft, beginning in the Middle Ages through the 20th century.

Haxan has become regarded by critics and scholars as Benjamin Christensen’s finest cinematographic work. Part earnest academic exercise in correlating ancient fears with misunderstandings about mental illness and part salacious horror movie, Häxanis truly a unique work that still holds power to unnerve, even in today’s jaded era.

Häxan has had many fantastic live score attempts in musically re-creating the mysterious and whimsical aesthetic of the film. Now, with your own eyes you got a chance to see a truly unique version of Häxan with a brand new, original operatic soundtrack composed and arranged by a Canadian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and operatic singer ALIA SYNESTHESIA.

Film Release Year: 1922
Director: Benjamin Christensen
Composer, singer, producer, mixing/mast

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