KIBERSPASSK – Morozko (single)

         KIBERSPASSK are:Natasha Pakhalenko –  vocal, throat singing, guitarAnatoly Pakhalenko – keys, bass guitarAlexander Roslyakov – drumsIrina Anuchina & Olesia Kabachenko – dancing girls # # #Music & lyrics by Natasha’ BabaYaga’ Pakhalenko.    Continue Reading
Spankthenun – Industrial Beats

Label: Indépendant Released: 24 February 2022 Well this is an unusual single to review considering it has 10 tracks, yes 10 tracks. They are 10 remixes by various artists of the track “Industrial Beats”.They are all of excellent quality although that being said the Matt Hart one stood out forContinue Reading
Against I – O.M.G.

  I do love Against I, the industrial beats are always spot on with cracking deep vocals throughout. O.M.G. is no different in these aspects it has them all.The remixes fit well on this EP and are also class versions of SCUM.-VK Mike  Swedish industrial act, Against I has just unleashed theirContinue Reading
BlazerJacket – Get Out (single)

   Label: IndependentRelease: 1 March 2022 Blazerjacket have released such an amazing track the powerful vocals to the amazing deep beats and dark electro rhythms. This s an incredible track that is sure to be big with the crowds at festivals and gigs. Its power lyrics also hit home inContinue Reading
VVMPYRE – Offering (single)

Oh my what a fantastic track and video. First the video is reministant of the 70’s Hammer House of Horror movies and this is such a good thing as this is classic horror that fits in perfectly with the Gothic Darkwave of this track even though its touch of danceContinue Reading
Metamorph –  Love In The Wreckage (single)

Amazing vocals bring this song to life with its rapid melodies creating a very addictive song that leaves you wanting more.-VK Mike In time for Valentine’s day, “witchy” goth rock band, METAMORPH has just unveiled their new single, “Love In The Wreckage.”  With “Love In The Wreckage,” METAMORPH transmutes the world’s chaos into love.Continue Reading
Neonpocalypse – ish (EP)

<a href=””>-ISH by Neonpocalypse</a> These are extremely catch yaks at will get you hooked. The melodies and the soothing dark vocals make for very easy listening and a very relaxing listen.Can be played over and over and enjoyed I your eyes closed. Let is EP take you.-VK Mike NEONPOCALYPSE, theContinue Reading