Industrial Beats

Label: Indépendant

Released: 24 February 2022

Well this is an unusual single to review considering it has 10 tracks, yes 10 tracks. They are 10 remixes by various artists of the track “Industrial Beats”.

They are all of excellent quality although that being said the Matt Hart one stood out for me a little more.

If you are into your remixes then get this single as it shows how a song can be reinvented in so many different ways. Well done to SpanktheNun for getting this done so well.

-VK Mike

10 new versions/mixes/masters of the track, “Industrial Beats”

Just in time to celebrate EBM day. Industrial Beats is an ode to the industrial beat and to the dance floor… We dare you not to dance to this to this one. It may be the shortest track from the album The Bunker Tapes VOL II but this single packs in more minutes than any other so far… from SPANKTHENUN.

Spankthenun – Industrial Beats
Spankthenun – Industrial Beats
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