Astari Nite
– Bowie In Daydreams

Label: Independent

Released: 10 January 2023

Astari Nite – Bowie In Daydreams
accurate vocal tones, and carefully crafted synths
Marking the anniversary of David Bowie’s untimely passing, music group Astari Nite has released the single “Bowie In Daydreams” – a haunting tribute to the legendary artist. With its contemporary yet timeless sound, remarkably accurate vocal tones, and carefully crafted synths, this track is sure to captivate listeners worldwide.

Astari Nite’s enchanting latest release, “Bowie In Daydreams”, has a stunning accompanying video that immerses the viewer in a mesmerising dreamscape. The video’s visuals evoke an atmosphere reminiscent of the ’80s and 90s dance floors, making it the ideal anthem for fans of Bowie and the New Romantic genre. Don’t miss out – add this captivating track to your collection today.



Astari Nite, the alternative rock, new romantics, unveil their new single "Bowie In Daydreams". The track pays tribute to the legendary David Bowie and is released in honor of the anniversary of his death. It follows last summer's release of their electronic-driven single, “Ashtray Ballet".

Steering towards a dark electronic glam rock constellation in this tribute to innocence and dark fantasy, the quartet caresses the dark alt-rock ballads from the 90s with massive - distorted guitars and underground EBM synths. Yet somehow, they bring you home by staying true to their occult-riddled-cinematic themes. 

Expect uncompromising lyrics and obstinate sonic fields in their composition as the band guides you through their alternative rock influences, from Placebo to Nine Inch Nails and deeper down the underground.

Astari Nite, der alternative Rock, neue Romantiker, enthüllen ihre neue Single "Bowie In Daydreams". Der Track würdigt den legendären David Bowie und wird zu Ehren seines Todestages veröffentlicht. Es folgt auf die Veröffentlichung ihrer elektronisch angetriebenen Single "Ashtray Ballet" im vergangenen Sommer.

Das Quartett, das in dieser Hommage an Unschuld und dunkle Fantasie auf eine dunkle elektronische Glam-Rock-Konstellation zusteuert, streichelt die dunklen Alt-Rock-Balladen aus den 90er Jahren mit massiven - verzerrten Gitarren und unterirdischen EBM-Synthesizern. Doch irgendwie bringen sie dich nach Hause, indem sie ihren okkult-gekreinerten-cinematischen Themen treu bleiben.

Erwarten Sie kompromisslose Texte und hartnäckige Klangfelder in ihrer Komposition, während die Band Sie durch ihre alternativen Rockeinflüsse führt, von Placebo bis Nine Inch Nails und tiefer in den Untergrund.

"Reflecting on the filming of "Bowie In Daydreams", I felt it was very important to conjuring my friends whom I care for so much. I had this sort of cartoonish idea floating around for a bit that turned out to be a psychedelic nightmare, if you will. Illena Frey (Videographer) once again made my thoughts flow naturally as she normally does. I tend to obsess over different periods of music, so here comes Astari Nite’s contributions to the ’90s, respectfully."
– Mychael

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