Industrial bass act, SINTHETIK MESSIAH has just unleashed their new three-song EP, Xenocide. In the depths of the multiverse, a planet and its inhabitants go extinct every three seconds. Xenocide is about one of these planets.  Artificially intelligent beings have secretly integrated nanobots inside the blood of a humanoid species. By operating inContinue Reading
BlazerJacket – Get Out (single)

   Label: IndependentRelease: 1 March 2022 Blazerjacket have released such an amazing track the powerful vocals to the amazing deep beats and dark electro rhythms. This s an incredible track that is sure to be big with the crowds at festivals and gigs. Its power lyrics also hit home inContinue Reading

Time warped supercharged… nightmares and lucid dreams…not defined in black and white or color. Like a DeLorean time machine, Mach FoX’s sleek, sci-fi, horror, doom-pop exists simultaneously in the electropunk future and the retro-gothrock past. Twitchy computer beats,jittery synthesizers,and etheral, Cure-inspired guitars interweave in Mach FoX’s hall of mirrors,with Mach’s soaring, mournful vocals serving as a guide through the labyrinth. While plenty of current bands cop the flash and glitter of electronic tinged gothrock, Mach FoX is one of the few to capture a bit of its soul. Continue Reading