Johnny Tupolev –  Desperate (The EP)

COP International

Release: 12 November 2021

The remixes on this EP make excellent listening. I am not going to say too much but one thing has to be said the “Shot in Black and White” remix by Frank Petzold And Christoph Vitt take this track to very new heights. This is an incredible remix. Easily a powerful enough song to be part of a soundtrack of some high adrenaline thriller. A brilliant piece of work.

Orcus Nullify – Beautiful Hell (EP)


Release: 22 November 2021

This an interesting EP with hints of Bauhaus, The Cult and The Mission so for fans of old school goth and newer dark this is an absolute treat that will not disappoint. It brings a definite twist to the genre. It is also a stark reminder of the pandemic during the Orange ones bizarre reign.

Alia Synesthesia – Haxan (Soundtrack)


Release: 12 November 2021

This is such a haunting soundtrack but a classic in the making for sure. It has the signature sound embedded in it of Alia but do not expect the expected. This is a true masterpiece soundtrack thats sits right up there with some of the best. As a soundtrack it has suspense almost t the point you are expecting to be made to jump under the covers to hide from whats coming.

Machines with Human Skin – Transience (review)

Released November 2021

Machines With Human Skin is the industrial rock project of multi-instrumentalist Adrian Halo, initially conceived in the late 90s when Halo was a teenager first discovering Wax Trax! artists and industrial rock bands like KMFDM, Sister Machine Gun, Nine Inch Nails, Chemlab, and 16Volt.


When we first launched this website and YouTube channel we had hoped it would be come successful over a number of years. We knew very well that to become established it takes time and hard work. In the few months since we have launched we have gone from strength to strength with more artists than we could have ever imagined wanting interviews, reviews, bio and to be part of our planned Virtual Gig.

DARK – NIGHTMARE (debut album) – REVIEW


Debut Album by DARK


Release date: 15.12.2021

The debut Album from DARK is soon with us. I have been lucky enough to get hold of a copy for review and what an album this is. The deep and eerie vocals of DARK are haunting alongside the energetic and incredible deep electronic synths make this a real gem of a debut album in the Darkwave/Goth/Post-Punk genre.

unitcode:machine – Falling Down (single/remix EP)


Release: 12 November 2021

This a great EP the remixes are absolute quality with the first 30 seconds of the Stabbing Westward remix sounding reminiscent of an old western with the charge on horseback the rest of the track bringing you to your feet to its addictive beat.


French Symphonic Metal Band “Dust in Mind” are the first metal band to record a video on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Here the amazing facts of how that the video was filmed. Singer and Lyricist Jen Gervais gives an insight into the band.

Gravity Corps – Zero Grav


Release: 28 October 2021

Mark Sousa, the mastermind behind futurepop act, VOICECOIL has just dropped the debut EP for his project, GRAVITY CORPS. “Gravity Corps is a different angle to what I do artistically.  It’s a more aggressive, angrier side of my mind.  It’s a more simplistic and raw presentation in its themes.” – Mark Sousa.