French Symphonic Metal Band “Dust in Mind” are the first metal band to record a video on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Here the amazing facts of how that the video was filmed. Singer and Lyricist Jen Gervais gives an insight into the band.

A Cloud of Ravens – Interview

“Formed by children of the ’70s and ’80s- longtime proponents of underground culture, Brooklyn, NY’s A Cloud of Ravens weave arcane tales of love, loss, faith, life, and what loom beyond, amidst a wall of dense synth tones, ringing guitars, tribal rhythms, and myriad echoes of dubious origin, for your listening pleasure.


Interview with Daniel Graves – Aesthetic Perfection

Thanks to Daniel for taking the time for this excellent interview. It was an absolute pleasure.


Interview with Mike (VK)

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the Vocalist Jean-Luc De Meyer of the legendary pioneers of EBM (Industrial) FRONT 242.

Heres the interview for your listening pleasure.


Interview by Mike (VK) for Online News TV

I can only apologise for the sound quality from my side this was due to a technical issue that has been resolved for future interviews.

Please enjoy.