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Unhappily Ever Now
– Pleading (single)

Released: 5 May 2023

Unhappily Ever Now – Pleading (single)
Awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful
Awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful, Unhappily Ever Now’s alluring single “Pleading” is a triumph of emotion-filled male and female vocals, captivating and full of sentiment.

An exquisite blending of powerful basslines, roaring rhythm guitar, and shimmering harmonies create an intensely dynamic soundscape, propelling the listener to an exciting sonic realm.

As the passionate instrumentation builds to its crescendo, it culminates in a stirring culmination of voices that is simply transcending.

Heartfelt and majestic, this song is a marvellous testament to the power and range of both male and female vocalists, creating music that speaks straight to the soul.

An unforgettable and mesmerising experience, this magnificent collaboration is guaranteed to leave listeners entranced by its rousing energy and spirit.



Industrial rock band, Unhappily Ever Now has just announced their first new single since their 2021 self-titled debut EP.  “Pleading (The Haunting of Scars)” explores the self-doubt experienced when personal growth comes from great loss and trauma. Dark, gritty, melodic and emotional, yet unique.

With a familiar dark-alt sound like that of Stabbing Westward, TOOL,  A Perfect Circle, and Rammstein, “Pleading” delivers a fresh approach from the band. The track features male and female vocals, a unique blend of organic and electronic instrumentation, and intense, yet melodic vocal phrases. Forthcoming remixes of the single include collaborations with JP Anderson of Rabbit Junk and Walter Flakus of Stabbing Westward.

Unhappily Ever Now is available on all major streaming platforms, including Bandcamp

Die Industrial-Rock-Band Unhappily Ever Now hat gerade ihre erste neue Single seit ihrer selbstbetitelten Debüt-EP im Jahr 2021 angekündigt. “Pleading (The Haunting of Scars)” untersucht die Selbstzweifel, die man erlebt, wenn persönliches Wachstum aus großem Verlust und Trauma entsteht. Dunkel, düster, melodisch und emotional, aber einzigartig.

Mit einem vertrauten Dark-Alt-Sound wie dem von Stabbing Westward, TOOL, A Perfect Circle und Rammstein liefert “Pleading” einen frischen Ansatz von der Band. Der Track bietet männlichen und weiblichen Gesang, eine einzigartige Mischung aus organischer und elektronischer Instrumentierung und intensiven, aber melodischen Vokalphrasen. Zu den bevorstehenden Remixen der Single gehören Kollaborationen mit JP Anderson von Rabbit Junk und Walter Flakus von Stabbing Westward.

Unhappily Ever Now ist auf allen wichtigen Streaming-Plattformen verfügbar, einschließlich Bandcamp