Distorted Reality
– I Can’t Imagine.

Released: 28 April 2023

Distorted Reality – I Can’t Imagine. (single)
Distorted Reality are back
Distorted Reality is back with a bang! Their new single, “I Can’t Imagine,” is a mesmerising synth-pop track that takes your emotions on an unforgettable journey.

Its lush instrumentation and sultry vocals truly capture the sorrow of parting in the face of love.

Sixteen years since their last release, Distorted Reality has crafted a modern masterpiece—a sonic treat you can’t miss out on.

Don’t wait; let this captivating tune transport you to a world of unbridled emotion!



Synthpop/Industrial band, Distorted Reality has just unveiled the details of their new single, “I Can’t Imagine.”

“I Can’t Imagine” addresses the idea of being in a relationship with someone for a long time while realising the relationship is essentially over. No one wants to make the scary move of ending it. It’s a difficult and heartbreaking split because you both still love each other. In this case, however, love is not enough.

“I Can’t Imagine” is available on all major digital platforms, including Bandcamp.

Die Synthpop/Industrial-Band Distorted Reality hat gerade die Details ihrer neuen Single “I Can’t Imagine” enthüllt.

“I Can’t Imagine” befasst sich mit der Idee, lange Zeit in einer Beziehung mit jemandem zu sein, während man erkennt, dass die Beziehung im Wesentlichen vorbei ist. Niemand will den beängstigenden Schritt machen, es zu beenden. Es ist eine schwierige und herzzerreißende Spaltung, weil ihr euch beide immer noch liebt. In diesem Fall ist Liebe jedoch nicht genug.

“I Can’t Imagine” ist auf allen wichtigen digitalen Plattformen verfügbar, einschließlich Bandcamp.

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