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CHRISTIAN DEATH: I had the pleasure of asking some questions to Christian Death frontman Valor here are those questions and answers.

I would like to thank Valor for his time and great answers.

1. Valor, hello and thank you for accepting to do this interview.

Hello, Mike,
Thank you for your interest in Christian Death.

2. Valor, Christian Death have been around for such a long time and kept improving all the time, what do you think is the magic of keeping so relevant?

We Live for today, the endless day.  Maitri and I always create what is needed for now and tomorrow, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is always  coming.

3. What influences your lyrics?

Words, symbols and the frequencies that we see, hear, feel and resonate, are the way we communicate with each other, from the most miniscule spec of aether at infinitely distant points between worlds, to the spark that we communicate within. Some call it spiritual, others transcendental and some, simply Science.

Our antennae reach high to absorb it ALL and what you get is what we call Christian Death.

4. What is the process you use for writing?  For example, lyrics then music or music then lyrics?

Most of the time, the words manifest fist, which then dictate the feel and the emotional impact of the words, which we translate into frequencies that become the feel. At other times the music may be first, unless or until the message clearly needs words.

5. What bands have influenced you?

Everyone and No one.

6. Your last release was 2022 ÒEvil Becomes ruleÓ and what a incredible release this was with songs like

Blood Moon
Who Am I

These songs are on another level of greatness.

Thank you for your kind thoughts on these songs.

For those unaware, the songs on Evil Beomes Rule are the follow up to the songs previously released on The “Root Of All Evilution”.

The Root Of All Evilution represents the story from Ancient times up to the Present, Evil Becomes Rule represents The Present into the future.

“Speak I of the days of Ancient Atlantis, speak of the days of Shadows” Now the shadows have become brazen and are hidden in plain sight but only with eyes to see and ears the hear

The shadows and their bloodlines shine in the Blood Moon, yet dissolve and wither in our “Beautiful” light. When you ask “Who Am I”, all shadows are exposed.

7. You both sing on tracks what determines who sings on each track?

Maitri and I both naturally gravitate to the songs that we belong to.  With the song “Abraxas” we both felt the need to sing that song, so we both did. When we heard the magic of both vocals, we chose them both together, which the lyrics also speak of the duality of reality.

8. How did you both get together for this incredible listening pleasure as you both have incredible vocal styles.

Well because it is easy, as we are woven from the fabric of the same tapestry.

9. What is next for Christian Death?

Much touring and New Album recording. Starting in Europe April 2024.

10. I know this was a long time ago, but do you know what the background is behind the name Christian Death?

If you type Christian into google followed by a D the prompt will show Christian Death followed by Christian Dior, in this case Dior was first. BUT Christianity has been the most powerful tool to control people for at least the past 1200 years, Death is the ultimate enigma. The soul floats away from the           body,  as does the melody from a string.

11. We have a festival here each year any chance we will see you here. (Dark Malta)

If you have contacts to the promoters of Dark Malta, then please tell them we will come???

12. You and Maitri really have a great sound together that has moved on so much from the early days evolving Christian Death into what it is today was this a conscious evolution or its just happened?

Yes, truly we evolved and it just happened.

13. Your album art is something great to what are the influences there?

We are subconsciously influenced by everything but we never consciously adopt other people’s babies.

14. Is there anything else you can add here that you would like fans to know or want to let new fans know?

We are all on the precipice of a colossal change. Be ready for great tremours. We will help guide you through the rapids.

Valor thank you again for your time.

Thank you Mike for your nice questions.

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