Against I
– Carnival of Excess

Release Date: 17 July 2023

A man with tattoos holding a microphone performing against the backdrop of I - Carnival of Excess (album) release.
Against I – Carnival of Excess
extraordinary aural adventure
With the release of their debut album, “Carnival Of Excess,” the industrial act Against I have arrived to make their indelible mark on the music scene.

This rousing collection, which stands in defiance of genre conventions, is sure to capture the attention and incite the passions of all ears—from long-time industrial devotees to those just searching for something new.

Leading off with the aptly-titled “Welcome To The Carnival,” listeners are catapulted into an extraordinary aural adventure that never stops captivating.

The sonic bombardment of intense beats and powerful vocals accompanying each track, from “Fleshride” to the finale, is distinctive to Against I and will leave fans hungrily waiting for more.

An epic journey awaits as you slip on your headphones and turn up the volume.

Whether you revel in listening repeatedly or go in expecting nothing, this album is sure to electrify you with its bold innovation and profound resonance.

Join Against I now and experience the magnificent Carnival Of Excess!



Carnival of Excess is the debut album from the industrial act Against I.

Released by Hungarian label Advoxya Records on 17th of July 2023

13 tracks that take you on a crazy journey into the “Carnival Of Excess,” a bloody ride with distorted guitars and catchy melodies and lyrics about insanity, decay and debauchery screamed out by the instantly recognizable voice of Fredrik Keith Corona.

So strap down tight cause you are in for a ride

Carnival of Excess ist das Debütalbum der Industrie-Act Against I.

Veröffentlicht vom ungarischen Label Advoxya Records am 17. Juli 2023

13 Tracks, die Sie auf eine verrückte Reise in das “Carnival Of Excess” mitnehmen, eine blutige Fahrt mit verzerrten Gitarren und eingängigen Melodien und Texten über Wahnsinn, Verfall und Ausschweifung, die von der sofort erkennbaren Stimme von Fredrik Keith Corona geschrien wurden.

Also schnallen Sie sich fest, weil Sie für eine Fahrt bereit sind

1. Welcome to the carnival (feat JM Burr and George Klontzas)
2. Fleshride
3. Scum (album version)
4. Disease
5. Eyehateme (feat. Chris Keya)
6. You and I (feat j:dead)
7. Venom
8. Deranged
9. Reap Me (want you in death)
10. My Sweet
11. The Beast
12. O.M.G. (miss suicide remix)
13. O.M.G. (teknovore remix)

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