When I Was Dead
(Ft. Tim Skold)


Released: 14 JANUARY 2022

Death Loves Veronica what a gift this song is to be able to listen to and write about. The melody is so sabre and gothic sounding in a eerie way. Then the vocals kick in and om my god they bring the song another dimension the feelings and emotions expressed by the vocals are intense. Think of this as an absolute must have single.

I can honestly say if this is a standard we can expect from Death Loves Veronica I really cannot wait to hear the Album. This track is absolutely brilliant.

-VK Mike

“When I Was Dead” is a cold, dark-electronic single featuring TIM SKOLD (Marilyn Manson, NOT MY GOD) on guitar. What begins as a soft, industrial-laced fairy tale, quickly becomes one of a blackened, bleak demise.

This single is a featured track from an upcoming album by Death Loves Veronica. (This single version will differ from the album version).

We were told to feel nothing
We were told to think of nothing, at all.

One pill or two, I’ll give them to you
If you tell me everything.
One pill or two, I’ll give them to you
If you can tell me everything.

Where were you, when I was dead?
Where were you when I was rotting away?

One pill or two, I’ll give them to you
If you can tell me everything.
Three pills or four, I’ll give you some more
If you can tell me everything.

Music, lyrics and vocals Veronica Campbell.
Guitar work composed and performed by Tim Skold.
Engineered and mixed by Veronica Campbell.
Engineering consultation and contribution Jakob Core.
Produced by Veronica Campbell and Chris S.
Mastering by JD Tucker.

Album artwork by @occoultya and owned exclusively by Veronica Campbell.
© Copyright 2022 Veronica Campbell.
BMI registered.


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