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Carrion is a Norwegian industrial rock band formed in 2014 by front man and main composer Hide Tepes.

Carrion is a Norwegian industrial rock band formed in 2014 by frontman and leading composer Hide Tepes.

After getting his start in three-chord punk bands during his teenage years, Hide Tepes entered the world of industrial and began experimenting and tinkering away in solitude,  what originally started as electro, and EBM-tinged bedroom demos have, over the years, evolved and shifted into a blend of black metal, industrial, rock n roll and modular synth-based sound design techniques. 

Since 2019`s debut album Iconoclasm Carrion has released an album yearly ( Testament Ov The Exiled in 2020, Evangelium Haeresis in 2021 and the Blood + Diamonds EP in 2022). Additionally, frontman Hide Tepes keeps busy outside Carrion through endeavours such as Sever The Servants, MissFit Toys and his solo modular records, sound design work and remixing. 

The music of Carrion is accompanied by roots steeped in the world of occultism, dreams and exploration of what lies outside the borders of the mundane and secular world, as well as being the weapon of choice to examine and explore the psyche.

Carrion Discography:

2019: Iconoclasm [Album] Independent
2020: Testament Ov The Exiled [Album] Independent
2021: Testament Ov The Exiled: Revised Edition [Album], Evangelium Haeresis [Album] Brutal Resonance Records
2022: Blood + Diamonds [EP] Produkt 42 Productions

Hide Tepes Solo Discography:

2020: FTMÖB [Album] Independent
2021: Chrysopoeia [Album] Independent
2022: May The Darkness And Death Stain Them All [EP] Produkt 42 Productions

Sever The Servants Discography:

2022 : Self titled [Album] Produkt 42 productions

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