Release: 17 September 2021

The second single from the upcoming full-length by VEXILLARYFull Frontal Lunacy, is a dark balancing act between techno rhythms and ebm/industrial sensibilities. VEXILLARY  takes on the vocal duties here to tell the tale of burnout and subsequent demise as expressed through the lyrics “Burn this leather, I’m tarred and feathered. Just like a burnout, I welcome my fadeout”. The original track highlights VEXILLARY ’s unconventional arrangement techniques through melodic ebbs and flows that are concluded by a bombastic 3rd act. The Scorched Mix of the track, created by VEXILLARY  himself, sees him stripping the song down to its essentials and adding hypnotic chord progressions and guitar like effects to achieve vampy dance floor perfection. Tags: Darkwave, techno, dark electro, industrial, industrial techno, EBM

VEXILLARY bio: VEXILLARY is the brainchild of the New York-based producer Reza Seirafi. His diverse work is seeded with a singular undercurrent of gloom and shaped by his unique scientific approach to production.

As a chemist and perfumer, Reza was fascinated by the secret bonds between unrelated chemical ingredients that create well-balanced, other-worldly scents. Reza’s music making process follows the same philosophy, as he magically blends unrelated musical parts to create his own brand of decadent industrial and techno music. On his production style, Reza has noted “key changes and odd chords are all over my stuff, connecting seamlessly where they shouldn’t. There’s some magic to it that can’t be explained.”

But VEXILLARY’s music is far from formulaic, and his records are proof of that. Chemica Divina, was a conceptual record exploring the themes of chemical sciences and their link to the divine. On his follow up EPs, CrossFire and The Brutalist, Reza took on classic industrial sounds as ingredients and transmutated them through his own brand of alchemy to leave a refreshing modern take in his trail. On, SurViolence and its offshoot The Geneticist Remixes, he added new conceptual ingredients to the mix to tell the tale of the unease that we’re all facing as we approach what may seem to be a dystopian future.

In 2021, after nearly a decade of releasing music on independent record labels, VEXILLARY  founded his own imprint con:trace. A promising new home for left field industrial, techno, and other forms of dark music. The stage is now set for VEXILLARYs first full-length record, Full Frontal Lunacy, due out in fall of 2021. A concept album juxtaposing VEXILLARY’s own brush with madness with that of a society at the brinks of downfall. The album release will be preceded by the singles, ‘Scent of Torture’ and ‘Brunt Leather’, the leading tracks from the album.

Looking into the future, we can expect Reza to carry on doing music on his own terms to further cement his place as a true force in underground music culture. And if his new music is any indication, that exploration will surely remain out of the ordinary.

The Video:
Visuals, art, and editing by: zhi_zhi_visuals 
Videography by: feathersouls 
Produced and directed by: Reza Seirafi 


Vexillary – Burnt Leather (new single)
Vexillary – Burnt Leather (new single)


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