Release: 5 October 2021

A very dark and atmospheric piece of music that perfectly matches the movie is part of.

ERIC OBERTO of Tungsten Coil is back in the spotlight again with his new single “Darkness Never Lies.” This song is being featured in the upcoming motion picture- Amityville Cult.

ERIC OBERTO made his first thunderous splash into the entertainment industry as the singer/songwriter/front man for the award- winning industrial band- TUNGSTEN COIL He has since shifted his focus to acting, producing, and composing music for horror films- Amityville Cult and The Red River Expressway Killer. Now, he is releasing his first single. “Darkness Never Lies,” which is featured in Amityville Cult.

Official website:

Eric Oberto – Darkness Never Lies (single)
Eric Oberto – Darkness Never Lies (single)


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