Bad Pritt
– Debris

Label: Shyrec

Released: 3 March 2023

Bad Pritt – Debris
masterpiece of modern cinematic creativity
Prepare to be astounded by Bad Pritt’s latest release, Debris. This masterpiece of modern cinematic creativity is packed with instrumental ingenuity and expressively designed tracks that take you on a thrilling journey into magical realms. Whenever you immerse yourself in this fantastic album, the artistic genius of Bad Pritt will be sure to captivate and inspire you.

Each track represents a date with an enchanting story of surprises and wonders from the first track onward. Bad Pritt has crafted a unique sonic adventure that allows your imagination to run wild, from dark secrets to be unearthed to enlightening experiences that stay with you long after the track ends. Through its expertly composed elements and intricate production, Debris stands as an actual work of art that deserves recognition from all music fans!

Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity – dive headfirst into the powerful and captivating sounds of Bad Pritts’ Debris and let it take you on an awe-inspiring ride through the depths of creativity with its masterfully executed instrumentals, complex compositions, and enthralling stories.


"Everything is just future ruins, material for the next layer."
The theme of mourning and its elaboration, the pivot of the previous EP1 (released in December 2021), is back in.
Debris, with a focus on the final stage of the process leading towards its acceptance.

After having managed the pain to the point of exhaustion, a dissociative phase remains unavoidable, which forces us to become
mere observers of the ruins that surround us.

Detached, laconic notes are jotted down, often with complex spatial and temporal references: only
the desolate territories in which we no longer recognise ourselves, terrain that we are forced to trample every day.
"The beauty of destroying the beautiful".

Debris's seven compositions are titled with dates, an attempt to place time buoys,
the aspiration to mark precise moments in the loop.

Musically speaking, Bad Pritt has abandoned suggestive electronics and rhetoric with this new record
covertly pop of the debut album, taking a path that apparently led him towards sounds

The compositions often start with a classic, delicate texture, which is progressively deconstructed and stylish
annihilated end.

"The band in one person/the orchestra of the global village".
Bad Pritt's sound aims at experimentation, inspired by neoclassical currents and serial art.

In his show, dark video projections and innumerable devices accompany his music.

His self-titled debut album (released in 2018) and the most recent EP1 (co-produced at the end of 2021 with Ricco Label
Japan) has obtained more than positive feedback from professionals and the specialised press.

Production, music, sound, and recordings of Bad Pritt at Mururoa Studio.
Mixing by Alberto De Grandis at Zanella Road Studio.
Stefano Pivato's master at NoShoes Studio.
Photo by Antonio Rasi Caldogno.

01. February 6th
02. February 7th
03. July 13th
04. December 28th
05. December 29th
06. May 9th
07. September 27th

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