Vaulted Skies
– What If I Were The Boy?
Mark Saunders Remix

Label: Independent

Released: 4 August 2022

vaulted skies – what if I were the boy
mark saunders remix
The Vaulted Skies new single “What If I Were The Boy” is such a great electronic track that engages the listener so well.

The vocals are of a gothic and haunting natre, but in a way that has the listener feeling the many emotions the song is putting across.

The beats are deep and power-driven, and the piano notes being played add to the emotional aspect of the track.

I disagree with the comparison of The Cure/Boy George as I feel, just going by this track, that it is more towards the band Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD).

I loved the track and hope to hear more from Vaulted Skies soon.


Electronic act, Vaulted Skies has just released a new single remixed by famed producer, Mark Saunders.

“What If I Were The Boy?” is a nostalgic tale that is filled with reflection and regret.  The song addresses the challenges of overcoming regret and losing one’s self in a past that still haunts them. 

Says vocalist/guitarist, James Scott. “In college, I was paired up in an acting assignment with one of the popular girls.  She propositioned me and in doing so, verbally and indirectly alluded to a very troubled home life. I wish I’d recognized the cry for help underneath it all. This song captures the desperation I have felt when wondering what became of her.”

This remix by Mark Saunders morphs the post-punk stylings of the original into a danceable epic, reminiscent of his best known work with bands like The Cure.
Influences & Instruments.

The band’s chemistry is special and possesses a very balanced and dynamic sound. “What If I Were The Boy?” maintains a flanger-heavy guitar approach and wailing vocals, a cacophony of double kick drums & snare fills. This song is the “calm before the storm” that is the forthcoming group of four songs due for release. These tracks will lean into a grungier sound than earlier tracks.

Als elektronischer Act Vaulted Skies hat gerade eine neue Single veröffentlicht, die vom berühmten Produzenten Mark Saunders remixt wurde.

"Was Wäre, Wenn Ich Der Junge Wäre?" Ist eine nostalgische Geschichte, die voller Reflexion und Bedauern ist. Der Song befasst sich mit den Herausforderungen, Bedauern zu überwinden und sich selbst in einer Vergangenheit zu verlieren, die sie immer noch verfolgt.

Sagt Sänger/Gitarrist James Scott. "Im College wurde ich in einer Schauspielaufgabe mit einem der beliebten Mädchen gepaart. Sie machte mir einen Vorschlag und spielte dabei verbal und indirekt auf ein sehr unruhiges Familienleben an. Ich wünschte, ich hätte den Hilferuf darunter erkannt. Dieses Lied fängt die Verzweiflung ein, die ich gefühlt habe, als ich mich fragte, was aus ihr geworden ist.“

Dieser Remix von Mark Saunders verwandelt die Post-Punk-Stylings des Originals in ein tanzbares Epos, das an sein bekanntestes Werk mit Bands wie The Cure erinnert.

Einflüsse & Instrumente.

Die Chemie der Band ist etwas Besonderes und besitzt einen sehr ausgewogenen und dynamischen Klang. "Was Wäre, Wenn Ich Der Junge Wäre?" Behält einen flangerschweren Gitarrenansatz und wehenden Gesang bei, eine Kakophonie von Double Kick Drums & Snare Fills. Dieser Song ist die "Ruhe vor dem Sturm", die die kommende Gruppe von vier Songs ist, die veröffentlicht werden sollen. Diese Spuren werden sich in einen grungeren Klang lehnen als frühere Tracks.

Once described as the lovechild of Robert Smith and Boy George, the beard-afflicted, kohl-eyed singer-songwriter James AJ Scott put The Vaulted Skies together in 2013 to bring peace to the galaxy through a fusion of edgy alternative rock and danceable electronica, shot through with the dynamics of grunge and bouts of epic melancholia. In his iconic yellow woollen-framed spectacles and badge-emblazoned lab coat, Doktor Ben Singleton can be found stage-right conducting sonic experiments on a second guitar alongside Scott’s. The line-up is completed by bassist Andy McFarlane (who joined after answering an ad on a sort of Tinder for musicians), and Mat Hector (Iggy Pop, Grace Jones) who was hypnotized into playing the drums for the band using an incantation of questionable moral (and health & safety) standards 

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