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Sever The Servants
– Self Titled

Label: Produkt 42

Released: 20 July 2022

Sever The Servants – Self-Titled album
Dark, Moody and so brilliant
After first hearing “Get in the Grave”, I was excited to listen to the album as one song left me craving more. That album arrived for me to listen to and review, and I can confirm with 100% certainty that it is dark, moody and brilliant.

This album is a masterpiece of creative musical genius. The weird and wonderful distorted, twisted melodies and vocals bring a haunting awakening to music that leaves you in awe of the talent.

This album, from start to finish, is just so fantastic. It has so many elements inside it, but each song brings its twist on well-tormented twists.

Prepare your ears for a feast of pleasure.
This has it all if you want dark, moody, twisted, eerie, or atmospheric. I feel mesmerised just listening to it.

Every track could be a standalone single as they are just incredible. What a debut album Sever the Servants have unleashed on us.

A New Definition of Darkness = Sever the Servants.

For the older generation if you are a fan of Alien Sex fiend you will love this.


Darkwave duo Sever The Servants have just unleashed their debut full-length, self-titled album on the Produkt 42 label.

The album's themes are generally apocalyptical with some political and social commentary. From the "right-wing hivemind" theme of the title track to the things that slowly kill us day to day, each of the album's six tracks represents the freedom to explore with a complete lack of care towards staying in a "box".

A song like "Get In The Grave" serves as a sonic memento mori while "Haunt Me" was spawned from folk tales of sirens and banshees. "Cruel World" is lamenting the near-purgatorial state of existence in a world riddled with flaws while nearly embracing those very same flaws. 

Synths wail and weep alongside the vocals. The album is also rich with experiments in distorted instrumentation and textures, menacing sounds and dirty drums.

Sever The Servants is available on CD and on all digital platforms including Bandcamp NOW!

Das Darkwave-Duo Sever The Servants hat gerade ihr selbstbetiteltes Debütalbum in voller Länge auf dem Produkt 42-Label veröffentlicht.

Die Themen des Albums sind im Allgemeinen apokalyptisch mit einigen politischen und sozialen Kommentaren. Vom "right-wing hivemind"-Thema des Titeltracks bis hin zu den Dingen, die uns Tag für Tag langsam umbringen, repräsentiert jeder der sechs Tracks des Albums die Freiheit, mit einem völligen Mangel an Sorgfalt zu erkunden, um in einer "Box" zu bleiben.

Ein Lied wie "Get In The Grave" dient als klangliches Andenken, während "Haunt Me" aus Volksmärchen von Sirenen und Banshees hervorgebracht wurde. "Cruel World" beklagt den nahezu purgatorialen Existenzzustand in einer Welt voller Fehler und umfasst fast dieselben Mängel.

Synthesizer jammern und weinen neben dem Gesang. Das Album ist auch reich an Experimenten in verzerrter Instrumentierung und Texturen, bedrohlichen Klängen und schmutzigen Trommeln.

Sever The Servants ist auf CD und auf allen digitalen Plattformen einschließlich Bandcamp NOW erhältlich!

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