Released: 12 May 2023

Discover a realm beyond the boundaries
Discover a realm beyond the boundaries of traditional industrial and dark electronic music with the captivating new album from Not My God.

The enthralling collaboration between Tim Skold (SKOLD and ex-Marilyn Manson) and Nero Bellum (Psyclon 9), “Obverses” offers an absolute must for lovers of cutting-edge sounds.

A journey of hypnotic audio delights awaits, brimming with twelve extraordinary tracks.

Every beat and melody is seductively woven together to craft evocative soundscapes that will draw listeners in to an immersive sonic experience.

Sublime vocal arrangements evoke stirring emotion and make way for deep, crisp beats that keep the pulse racing.

This is music that will get under your skin; as it grows and develops within you, it will nourish your soul too.

It’s truly fantastic to behold such groundbreaking and diverse music — a timely reminder that while genres remain important, they should never impede creative exploration.

Feed your need for something new with Not My God’s enthralling sound and revel in the exciting potential of music.



Not My God, [Tim Skold (SKOLD, ex-Marilyn Manson, Shotgun Messiah) & Nero Bellum (Psyclon 9)] returns with OBVERSES. Blending influences from both artist’s main acts, OBVERSES moves at a more measured pace of malice than either of their main projects, slithering through all aspects of the darker, menacing side of industrial and dark electronic music

Nicht mein Gott, [Tim Skold (SKOLD, Ex-Marilyn Manson, Shotgun Messiah) & Nero Bellum (Psyclon 9)] kehrt mit OBVERSES zurück. OBVERSES verbindet Einflüsse aus den Hauptacts beider Künstler und bewegt sich in einem gemesseneren Tempo der Bosheit als eines ihrer Hauptprojekte und gleitet durch alle Aspekte der dunkleren, bedrohlichen Seite der industriellen und dunklen elektronischen Musik

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