Release: 5 November 2021

 Industrial band FLEISHKRIEG has just unleashed their highly-anticipated new full-length album, Herzblut.

“Herzblut” translates to “Heart’s Blood” in German – a metaphor used to describe the total effort and sacrifice a person makes towards their life’s work. The album’s songs reflect different stages of this hero’s journey and the scars borne in the process.

The songs often deal with the paranormal, aliens, and dystopian matrix/simulation theories. A night of alien abduction nightmares inspired Vocalist Richard Cranor to write the song, “Bloody Prophets”.

The album also deals with much more introspective topics. “Parasite”, for example, documents the ordeal of never being able to free yourself from your worst self-destructive tendencies.

FleischKrieg – Herzblut
FleischKrieg – Herzblut


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