Cyborg Amok
– Etiam

Released: 8 October 2022

Cyborg Amok – Bio
cyborg amok – etiam
Cyborg Amok always please with each release. Greg and Brydon always pull out all the stops to give us the best they can. Etiam is no exception. This is a modern classic on melodic punk.

It reminds me musically and Greg’s vocals, especially of Dave Vanian from The Damned and the album Phantasmagoria.

This modern version is brilliant, including a cover of David Bowies’ “Golden Years”, which is a brave and bold move, but Cyborg Amok pulls this off in their way perfectly.

There are so many songs on this album that are just so good, they are so catchy, and the vocals give them that edge.

Brydon holds his own well on drums adding his touches.

All in a fantastic album that is worth anyone’s time.


This second album from Cyborg Amok, released 10/7/22 (Bandcamp Exclusive), is a stark reminder that there are shadows surrounding us, blatantly hiding in the darkness.


released October 8, 2022

All songs written by Greg Bullock, (except, Golden Years, by David Bowie).
All songs performed by Cyborg Amok:
Greg Bullock: Lead Vocal and Synthesizers.
Brydon Bullock: Drums/Percussion and Backing Vocal.

Additional musicians:
Adam Vaccarelli: Bass on all songs (except Wicked Close).
Frani Lugo: Guitar on (Some) Sleep Tonight.

Drums, Vocals and "(Some) Sleep Tonight" Guitar recorded at Retromedia Studios, Red Bank, NJ
Engineered by Adam Vaccarelli.
Synths, Loops, Sequencing and some backing vocals recorded in GABWorx, Studio B, New Egypt, NJ
Engineered by Greg Bullock

Produced by Greg Bullock
Mixed by Adam Vaccarelli at Retromedia Studios.
Mastered by Mark Trewella at Full Circle Mastering, Ashville, NC

Golden Years used by permission; License # 1648715
By David Bowie, Copyright BMG Blue. Screen Gems-EMI,
Music Inc. and Tintoretto Music.
Dieses zweite Album von Cyborg Amok, das am 7.10.22 (Bandcamp Exclusive) veröffentlicht wurde, ist eine deutliche Erinnerung daran, dass es Schatten gibt, die uns eklatant in der Dunkelheit verstecken.
Veröffentlicht am 8. Oktober 2022
Alle Songs wurden von Greg Bullock geschrieben (außer Golden Years, von David Bowie).
Alle Songs von Cyborg Amok:
Greg Bullock: Lead Vocal und Synthesizer.
Brydon Bullock: Schlagzeug/Percussion und Backing Vocal.
Weitere Musiker:
Adam Vaccarelli: Bass auf allen Songs (außer Wicked Close).
Frani Lugo: Gitarre auf (Einige) Sleep Tonight.
Schlagzeug, Gesang und "(Some) Sleep Tonight" Gitarre aufgenommen in den Retromedia Studios, Red Bank, NJ
Entwickelt von Adam Vaccarelli.
Synthesizer, Loops, Sequenzierung und einige Backing Vocals aufgenommen in GABWorx, Studio B, New Egypt, NJ
Entwickelt von Greg Bullock
Produziert von Greg Bullock
Gemischt von Adam Vaccarelli in den Retromedia Studios.
Gemastert von Mark Trewella bei Full Circle Mastering, Ashville, NC
Goldene Jahre mit Genehmigung verwendet; Lizenz # 1648715
Von David Bowie, Copyright BMG Blue. Bildschirm Edelsteine-EMI,
Music Inc. und Tintoretto Music.

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