51 Peg

Released: 11 April 2023

St peg - averson.
51 Peg – A\Version
51 Peg have blown me away
51 Peg have blown me away with their newest album, “A\Version”. T

his captivating collection of seven tracks is packed with an impressive breadth of styles and vocals, making it one of the most diverse industrial albums this year.

From the powerful chorus of the opening song to the haunting and beautiful cover of Billy Idol’s classic “Eyes Without A Face”, I was taken on a truly remarkable sonic journey.

This record is filled with energy and well-crafted songwriting that display the immense talent of the band.

Every track stands out in its own special way, so there’s something for everyone here – no matter your tastes.

Even if you’re not necessarily a fan of industrial music (or goth or metal), you will find much to appreciate in 51 Peg’s latest offering.

It’s sure to please fans of goth, metal, and anything else within these genres.

Don’t hesitate – to get your hands on this brilliant album right away!


Washington, DC-based industrial/rock band 51 Peg has just announced the release of their long-awaited full-length album, A\Version.

A\Version's themes centre on the relationships we have with ourselves and others, and how they can fracture despite our best intentions. While some of the lyrical content is the most personal that singer Jeff Sargent has ever written, he still managed to tap into universally-shared experiences.

We’ve all dealt with the heartbreak and confusion of losing connection with people we’ve loved. Moreover, society itself has become literally (during the pandemic) and figuratively distanced from each other. Different “versions” of reality exist for everyone, which has made it challenging to connect despite the technology having been designed for us to communicate more effectively.

Die in Washington, DC, ansässige Industrial/Rock-Band 51 Peg hat gerade die Veröffentlichung ihres lang erwarteten abendfüllenden Albums A\Version angekündigt.

Die Themen von A\Version konzentrieren sich auf die Beziehungen, die wir zu uns selbst und anderen haben, und wie sie trotz unserer besten Absichten brechen können. Während einige der lyrischen Inhalte die persönlichsten sind, die Sänger Jeff Sargent je geschrieben hat, hat er es immer noch geschafft, universell geteilte Erfahrungen zu erschließen.

Wir haben uns alle mit dem Herzschmerz und der Verwirrung auseinandergesetzt, die Verbindung zu Menschen zu verlieren, die wir geliebt haben. Darüber hinaus ist die Gesellschaft selbst buchstäblich (während der Pandemie) und im übertragenen Sinne voneinander distanziert. Für jeden gibt es verschiedene "Versionen" der Realität, was es schwierig gemacht hat, sich zu verbinden, obwohl die Technologie für uns entwickelt wurde, um effektiver zu kommunizieren.

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