VNV Nation
– Electric Sun (Album)

Released: 28 April 2023

The logo for Electric Sun, inspired by VNV Nation's "Electric Sun" album.
VNV Nation – Electric Sun (Album)
realm of absolute bliss
VNV Nation have outdone themselves yet again with the release of their awe-inspiring new album, “Electric Sun”! From the very first track, this impressive collection of songs is sure to transport you to a realm of absolute bliss.

The title track has a captivating combination of words and music that creates a breathtaking atmosphere, while “The Game” features lyrics filled with thought-provoking depth.

Track six also deserves special mention, for it is a spellbinding instrumental; close your eyes and lose yourself in its mesmerising sound.

But we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet – track ten’s “Run”! This unforgettable song’s power, emotion, and passion surge, making it an instant classic.

Overall, VNV Nation’s latest offering is above and beyond anything they’ve achieved before. These dozen of virtuosic tracks prove that these musical giants stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the greatest of them all.

An ethereal adventure awaits listeners of VNV Nation’s “Electric Sun”; don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical experience!


VNV Nation blends poetic, thoughtful lyrics with a vast repertoire of melodic dance beats & anthemic electronic, haunting ballads & post-classical soundtrack pieces. This legendary act now returns with the brilliant new album Electric Sun, combining the intimate and anthemic as only VNV Nation can. Limited Edition North American pressing, 2LP in clear vinyl

VNV Nation verbindet poetische, durchdachte Texte mit einem riesigen Repertoire an melodischen Tanzbeats und hymnischen elektronischen, eindringlichen Balladen und postklassischen Soundtrack-Stücken. Dieser legendäre Act kehrt jetzt mit dem brillanten neuen Album Electric Sun zurück, das das intime und hymnische kombiniert, wie es nur VNV Nation kann. Limited Edition North American Pressung, 2LP in klarem Vinyl

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