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We welcome Artists from ALL alternative music genres from Goth | Metal | Industrial | EBM | Darkwave | Synthpop | Coldwave | Punk | There are so many genres to mention if in doubt contact us.



Reviews - we call them Opinions as music is a personal thing and why should a non-musician be given a right to critique someone else's work. So we decided to call them Opinions and that what I will give a personal opinion on what I think of the new vide | single |album |



Do you have a New Single | Album | Video | we can premiere it simultaneously on Twitch | Youtube | Facebook | just contact us and we will help you promote that premiere.

Style Galleries

We want to bring peoples attention to the different styles that exist in the subcultures and show people how many different styles there are. Also to highlight that just because things are different it does not mean it can not be beautiful. Our galleries and video tutorials are there to help others get ideas for their own styles. We are always looking for contributors so please contact us if you can help.

We ant to make it clear that all our services are free to the fans and to the Artists and Promotors.

If you would like to advertise the cost is negotiable and also we do accept donations to help us pay for servers etc…

Any questions please do message us we answer all mail.

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