Miel Noir are back with a new CD almost three years after the release of the last full-length album. “The Phoenix-Swarm” was released by the labels Aorta (Austria) and FolkWorld (Germany).
The project’s regular musicians and vocalists were joined for recordings by a number of well- known artists. The guests on “The Phoenix-Swarm” are electronic music icon Tommi Stumpff,
Krys Koseda (Extreme Chromo; formerly of Alien Sex Fiend and Nik Turner’s Hawkwind), Robert
N. Taylor (Changes), Sathorys Elenorth (Der Blaue Reiter) and Jurica Jelić.

The CD was mastered by Falgalas of Darkness on Demand (formerly of Dance or Die, also
Winterhart) and includes remix-tracks by Darkness on Demand and Insect Plasma.

The 16 track album covers a number of styles, ranging from dark electro/EBM and minimal electro to martial neoclassic, from industrial to melodic darkwave, from piano ballads to gothic rock and dark ambient.
It comes with a beautifully designed 8-page booklet in a clear tray case. It is the follow-up to the widely recognized albums “Honey & Ash” (Steinklang Industries, Austria; 2011), “From The Ashes” (Indiestate Distribution, Russia; 2015) and “Honey-Beat” (Caustic Records, Spain; 2016).

Homepage: www.miel-noir.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mielnoirscapes
Bandcamp: http://mielnoir.bandcamp.com


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