Madil Hardis
– Volta
– Feat Nature of Wires

Released: 22 July 2022

Madil Hardis
madil hardis – volta
Featuring nature of wires
PURE flowing BEAT
What a beautiful track once again from Madil Hardis, this time featuring Nature of Wires. The pure flowing beat that is so tranquil due to the vocals lets you close your eyes and drift along in pure bliss.

Although no lyrics, the vocals are so incredibly harmonic and just set you at such ease. Remarkable how just the sound can soothe away your cares.

The melody and the incredible beat are so beautifully matched to the vocals, making this song the perfect dream song but yet again a perfect dance song.

Overall, such a great track.


"Volta" is a danceable, electronic track created in collaboration with Nature of Wires. (link below)

Madil Hardis combines classical and electronic elements with ethereal vocals and can be described as deep and soulful Weltschmerz music, sometimes slow, sometimes faster but always full of intensity and emotion.

Her most popular releases include the singles Slow Kill and Summers Lost (both 2020). Madil Hardis also appeared as a guest singer on Ashbury Heights' singles Wild Eyes and A Cut In A Place and recently joined Mondträume's lineup as one of their new singers.


"Volta" ist ein tanzbarer, elektronischer Track, der in Zusammenarbeit mit Nature of Wires erstellt wurde. (Link unten)

Madil Hardis kombiniert klassische und elektronische Elemente mit ätherischem Gesang und kann als tiefe und gefühlvolle Weltschmerz-Musik beschrieben werden, manchmal langsam, manchmal schneller, aber immer voller Intensität und Emotion.

Zu ihren beliebtesten Veröffentlichungen gehören die Singles Slow Kill und Summers Lost (beide 2020). Madil Hardis trat auch als Gastsänger in Ashbury Heights' Singles Wild Eyes und A Cut In A Place auf und trat kürzlich Mondträumes Lineup als einer ihrer neuen Sänger bei.

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