Luna 13 – Gorgo

LUNA 13 bring delicate melodies to life by an incredible change in tempo throughout and the demonic aggressive vocals are superb. This is a must for fans and a an absolute delight to the ears. An album with every song worthy of being its own single. Fantastic work and IContinue Reading

IndependentRelease: 1 September 2021 Listening to this for the first time I can hear some of what could be influences from Sisters of Mercy, U2, and in the track “Look good on you” there is a definite Flesh for Lulu vibe going on. If you are a fan of FFLContinue Reading

Musical Vita Born in Berlin in 2003, as a child of musically interested parents, I already enjoyed performing at the music school in kindergarten. Through my constant dancing, trying out new and different musical instruments, as well as the constant singing, I cost my family and friends a nerve or twoContinue Reading