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About the Artist

Angela’s artwork has been a part of her life since she was a young child. As a kid she spent much of her time doodling in her class notebooks and indulging in the few art courses offered throughout middle school and high school. She engaged in art programs outside of her small town, with hopes of bettering her skills to pursue art as a career. Eventually this led to enrolling for a painting degree, graduating with a BFA in painting from Northern Illinois University in 2016.

Much of Angela’s subject matter has shifted throughout the years, evolving and devolving and re-shaping into something new depending on the external and internal influences in her life at the time. Angela was always drawn to the idea of the “grey area” that was between the black and white thinking she experienced and observed growing up. This was also sprinkled with influences of subcultures that she was drawn to such as the gothic subculture, which played a big part in creating a “home” somewhere for her since she didn’t feel like she fit into any particular group or clique as a kid and teen. As she matured her work turned to further focus on mental health and using her art to cope through her own mental states and find understanding through what she was feeling. This drastically shifted her final year of college into less dark subjects of monsters and low vibrations to nature and portraits, exploring both concepts perceived as “dark” and “light” topics. 

Today Angela’s work has found that grey area in a new light, combining her love for horror and dark arts with subjects of plant life, animals and portraiture to bring an ethereal and enchanting vibration to the body of work for the viewer to experience. Her work currently, though still pulled from the same source internally, has progressed into her own unique style and preferred color palettes with a touch of realism as well as surrealism. 

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