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Release: 29 October 2021

It took 5 years to bring this monster into that world. Now here it is!Hear it, Feel it, Love itThis is the beginning!


THE JOKE JAY set their own standards, leaving existing conventions behind, with a clear goal in mind.  No compromises, no apologies! The upcoming debut double album “Awaken” the fans have been waiting for some time impatiently, is now officially released this Friday! 

“AWAKEN…describes the moment when it became clear: “This far and no further!”
“We all wake up in many different ways” (All the pigs)

“AWAKEN is an inner, as well as also social, but above all a musical reset. Zero hour.”
“I’m ready to find a way out now – for my place in the sun” (The Darkest)

The Joke Jay
, the new band around namesake Joke Jay (And One), producer and synth-pop mastermind Olaf Wollschläger (Vorsprung durch Technik), and allrounder Hilton Theissen (Zoodrake, Akanoid, Dark Millennium) presents themselves with their debut double album “Awaken” in the timeless and individual appearance of a classic rock/pop band with various influences from alternative rock to electro styles of the 70s to 90s, and an approach of uncompromising, musical debauchery.

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