Sys Machine – Poison In My Skin (Assemblage 23 Remix)
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Release: 22 October 2021

What can I say about this track except how addictive it is! The incredible mesmerising vocals of Kim and the music that pulls you in with its dreamy yet powerful melody. The whole track musically and vocally just flows with absolute perfection.

Turn your volume up high, lay back and relax, close your eyes and enjoy this gem in every way possible.

VK Mike

This is the first track off the SYS MACHINE album Graceful Isolation which will be out in December via digital and disc.  It’s called “Poison In My Skin” remixed by ASSEMBLAGE 23. 

Graceful Isolation features 6 original tracks, 3 of which feature vocals from Kimberly of BOW EVER DOWN with remixes from ASSEMBLAGE 23THE JOY THIEVESSPANKTHENUNBLUE EYED CHRISTMISSSUICIDEMICROWAVED Steven Olaf and AUDIO BUDDHA.  Artwork is by Greg Rolfes of Eleven12 Design which will be unveiled soon. 

So I have various writing styles. It all comes from the same place… I disconnect and don’t really think about it. The music makes me feel things or recall things or puts me in various places.. This was a huge visual for me.. I saw a forest and running through it.. visuals are very illusive and hard to pin me down.. but I am sure the voices coming out of the forest is the duality of music for me.. something that I have to do .. need to do.. love to do.. and yet music has always been a sort of enemy in a way.. never allowing me to get to the point that I really want to get.. rising a bit then falling..

In 2003 I was in a place where I was happy to be. Our album came out “all the pieces” I certainly did not feel ignored back then.. We were doing really we.. but that is when my music partner just walked off who oddly enough I speak to now and may work with .. I ran to the woods after that.. and tried again in 2009 and was surrounded by complete monsters.. horrid labels. and people just out for themselves.. So I am guessing this is all about the duality of music. .the light and dark.. calling me in.. a forest is a pretty scary place.. and as well it can be a beautiful place..

I think the poison in my skin is the build up of strength.. having more control over my music these days.. actually opening a daw and putting the skeletons down and controlling everything from that part to the promotional aspect so the poison is strength that won’t allow any monsters to take advantage or come at me again.. I didn’t realize fully what it was about until after.. But I’m sure that’s the basics of it.. I know for sure the voices in the forest is my music and I know the poison is the strength and control I found.. Sure I still require a producer.. but thankfully he is not a monster and even if he left which I hope he does not.. The fact that I can open a daw and get down the basslines and my vocals allows me easy access to work with others

Kimberly of Bow Ever Down


Mike (VK)

Site owner and Editor

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