She 1 – Him 2

Label: Independent

Released: 17 May 2022

She 1 – Him 2 took a brave chance to do a cover of a great Bowie song, a chance as no matter how well you do there will be die-hard fans who will hate the fact you covered a song they love.

I must say though the due did an exceptionally cool cover of “Fame” it really does have elements of the original but is still different enough to show the effort put in to make this cover respectful.

The beat and vocals are so good in this and the video is fun alongside the song.

I can honestly say as a Bowie fan this is a very good cover in fact an excellent cover so please give it a go it may surprise you as it did me.


Independent Cleveland-based alternative electronic duo,      She 1 · Him 2 have released their new single; a cover of David Bowie’s classic, "Fame" featuring Steven Seibold (Hate Dept./Pigface) on guitar. The band features darkwave rocker and former Lestat front-man, Evan Nave and Cassie Bishop of Shy Moon. The duo teamed up with producer Michael Seifert (Tori Amos, Paul Simon and many other Grammy award winners) for the project. 
As a young boy, Evan would dance to "Fame" by with his mother in their living room almost every night. This was the basis for choosing that track as their latest song. It's a true love letter to David Bowie, the legend who inspired a future musician, Evan (aka Him) and his female collaborator, Cassie (aka Her).

The band is releasing tracks over time to fill out their first full EP in the age of the pandemic. All music and videos have been filmed without either of member seeing each other in person. Over the past few years, they have released "Split the Line." and “Spoken Words to Light”. They are currently working on two more tracks to be released in the coming year.

"Fame" is available on digital platforms including Bandcamp now!

Das unabhängige alternative elektronische Duo She 1 · Him 2 aus Cleveland hat ihre neue Single veröffentlicht; ein Cover von David Bowies Klassiker "Fame" mit Steven Seibold (Hate Dept. /Pigface) auf der Gitarre. Die Band zeigt den Darkwave-Rocker und ehemaligen Lestat-Frontmann Evan Nave und Cassie Bishop von Shy Moon. Das Duo hat sich mit dem Produzenten Michael Seifert (Tori Amos, Paul Simon und vielen anderen Grammy-Preisträgern) für das Projekt zusammengetan.

Als kleiner Junge tanzte Evan fast jeden Abend mit seiner Mutter in ihrem Wohnzimmer zu "Fame". Dies war die Grundlage für die Auswahl dieses Tracks als ihren neuesten Song. Es ist ein wahrer Liebesbrief an David Bowie, die Legende, die einen zukünftigen Musiker, Evan (alias Him) und seine Kollaborateurin Cassie (alias Her) inspiriert hat.

Die Band veröffentlicht im Laufe der Zeit Tracks, um ihre erste vollständige EP im Zeitalter der Pandemie auszufüllen. Alle Musik und Videos wurden gefilmt, ohne dass sich eines Mitglieds persönlich gesehen hat. In den letzten Jahren haben sie "Split the Line" und "Spoken Words to Light" veröffentlicht. Sie arbeiten derzeit an zwei weiteren Tracks, die im kommenden Jahr veröffentlicht werden sollen.

"Fame" ist jetzt auf digitalen Plattformen einschließlich Bandcamp verfügbar!

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