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Saigon Ble Rain
– The Mort

Released: 7 October 2022

saigon blue rain – the mort
dark, sensual, beat and vocals to die for
Saigon Blue Rain’s “The Mort” is dark and sensual, and the vocals and melody are to die for. It is an incredible melody and beat that encaptures the whole mood of the track and then takes it to another level.

The video also follows this with an incredibly dark, gothic, and atmospheric story. It is also sensual in its nature and achieves its goal exceptionally well.

With its release on the 7 October 2022, it is sure to be a massive hit with fans and win many new ones too.

From the very first note to the last, it is perfect. It is everything you want from this style of music.

Beautifully created perfection.


Saigon Blue Rain was formed in September 2012 by Ophelia Lecomte and Franck Pelliccioli. Their first EP Stupid Bitch Reject, released in 2013 has been distributed by the german label Cold Insanity. Then, they released three albums between 2012 and 2019 which gave them the opportunity to perform in famous gothic festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen, NCN festival, Eine Nacht Im Bergwerk, Tomorrows Ghosts Festival or Whitby Gothic Weekend, and to support on their 2016 german tour, the Swiss band The Beauty Of Gemina.

Songs For The Boys has been released, followed by special full-length video footage, recorded at the Hespebay factory.

Their fourth album OKO will be released in January 2023, preceded by two videos.

Their music combines various influences such as coldwave, ethereal, new-wave, and shoegaze combined with modern electro sounds.

Saigon Blue Rain wurde im September 2012 von Ophelia Lecomte und Franck Pelliccioli gegründet. Ihre erste EP Stupid Bitch Reject, die 2013 veröffentlicht wurde, wurde vom deutschen Label Cold Insanity vertrieben. Dann veröffentlichten sie zwischen 2012 und 2019 drei Alben, die ihnen die Möglichkeit gaben, auf berühmten Gothic-Festivals wie Wave Gotik Treffen, NCN Festival, Eine Nacht Im Bergwerk, Tomorrows Ghosts Festival oder Whitby Gothic Weekend aufzutreten und auf ihrer Deutschtournee 2016 die Schweizer Band The Beauty Of Gemina zu unterstützen.

Songs For The Boys wurde veröffentlicht, gefolgt von speziellem Videomaterial in voller Länge, das in der Hespebay-Fabrik aufgenommen wurde.

Ihr viertes Album OKO wird im Januar 2023 veröffentlicht, dem zwei Videos vorausgehen.

Ihre Musik kombiniert verschiedene Einflüsse wie Coldwave, Ätherisch, Newwave und Shoegaze kombiniert mit modernen Elektro-Sounds.

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