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Psyclon Nine
– Less To Heaven

Label: Metropolis Records

Released: 19 August 2022

Psyclon Nine
psyclon nine – less to heaven
brilliant album, epic tracks
The new album from Psyclon Nine starts with the incredibly epic “Blood In” build-up. When I say epic, I mean Epic!, The beat, the heart, and the soul of this instrumental are astounding.

Then in comes “See You All in Hell”, which follows the fantastic lead in it was given with absolute power beats, guitar riffs and vocals we know and love.

Every track stands up by itself, and the vocals are so emotional.  This emotion can be especially heard in the track “Catastrophic”, where you can feel every single emotion.  This is music magic and is an absolute gem.

Psyclon Nines album, “Less To Heaven”, is not to be missed by any fan of the band or this genre as it is total genius.  

Psyclon Nine are in several genres, from Industrial to Metal Core / Doom Metal. Personally, I think they are genre-less as they cross so many genres with their unique style. This album is proof that Psyclon Nine is one of the best bands.

A Masterclass in music creation by Psyclon Nine.


PSYCLON NINE began as an act described as Industrial,  and over time evolved through Industrial Metal. Now with the album LESS TO HEAVEN, PSYCLON NINE finds itself charting undefinable territories bridging elements of Metal-Core with Doom Electronics, Trip-Techno with Black Metal overtones and Experimental Cinema Soundscapes with Alternative Rock

PSYCLON NINE begann als ein Akt, der als Industrial beschrieben wurde, und entwickelte sich im Laufe der Zeit durch Industrial Metal. Jetzt mit dem Album LESS TO HEAVEN sieht sich PSYCLON NINE in undefinable Territorien wieder, die Elemente von Metal-Core mit Doom Electronics, Trip-Techno mit Black Metal-Obertönen und Experimental Cinema Soundscapes mit Alternative Rock verbinden

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