Impulse Control Disorder – Nothing Rattles, Nothing Shines (single)
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Release: 24 September 2021

“Nothing rattles, nothing shines” by IMPULSE CONTROL DISORDER

The title of the song was taken from a line of dialogue in Episode 8 “The last patrol” of the HBO show “Band of Brothers”. The song is a ghost story about lost lovers; a soldier trying to sneak across enemy lies to see his love who is detained. In order to cross the lines nothing that could make noise or reflect light to alert the sentries could be brought along. Unfortunately old boy’s ninja skills were not up to snuff. He was caught and now his ghost haunts the spot where his love was once detained.

Building on this lyrical concept, the song took shape and became the EBM jam you have before you. There are ghosts! Murder! Lost love! Drums machines, AND a power drill sample (100% a tip of the cap to Ministry “Thieves”) All the things you want in a good tune! Enjoy!


IMPULSE CONTROL DISORDER is the long-running and recently revitalized electronic music project from veteran multi-instrumentalist/producer Frank Svornotten (Felix Frump/Bow Ever Down).  

Initially launched as Impulse in 2000, IMPULSE CONTROL DISORDER
regularly performed at the Loop Lounge (Passaic Park, NJ), NYC’s Batcave (most notably opening for Norway’s Icon of Coil) and other venues before Svornotten put performing live aside in favor of doing live engineering and DJ work at various clubs in the area. After relocating to South Carolina in 2013, he continued to keep IMPULSE CONTROL DISORDER on the shelf for several years before bringing it back to life – an endeavor that kicked into high gear during the pandemic.

A collection of new and/or newly revisited tracks is currently available on Impulse Control Disorder’s Bandcamp page. One of the first new original songs to rise, the guitar-driven “Alone In The Light,” recalls the ’90s-era sounds of Industrial giants KMFDM and Skinny Puppy while simultaneously presenting a vibe very much in the here and now.

The Bandcamp page also features covers ranging from the unsurprising (Front 242’s “Tragedy for YOU!”) to the downright head-scratching (Shannon’s “Let the Music Play,” Katy Perry’s “Firework”).


Impulse Control Disorder – Nothing Rattles, Nothing Shines (single)
Impulse Control Disorder – Nothing Rattles, Nothing Shines (single)
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