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Release: 1 August 2021

Listening to this track for the first time took me back in time to the first time I heard the single “Drinking Gasoline” by a new band called Cabaret Voltaire to some it may be hard to get into but close your eyes and let the music take you (and it does) on a a journey. It will be more an acquired taste to be fair but this does not take away from the fact that this is a very good track. If you are looking for very dark vocals or loud guitars this wont be for you. If you want to chill and unwind then this is for you.

-Mike (VK)

VEXILLARY – “Scent Of Torture”

Description: The first single from the upcoming full length by VexillaryFull Frontal Lunacy, is a pounding darkwave track with lots of grit balanced by WARTERAUM’s sultry vocals. Inspired by a poem of the same title about Vexillary’s own experience in the perfume industry, the song takes on a new meaning here to celebrate the demented joys of masochism as exemplified by the lyrics “I do it for the scent of torture, I do it for the sake of torment”.

The Torment Mix of the track created by Vexillary himself, sees him replacing the ferocity of the original with a more hypnotic and smoother take to bring WARTERAUM’s deep vocals to the forefront and let the potent lyrics sink in even more. Ultimately, much like a haunting fragrance, Scent of Torture will linger in your mind, long after the first listen. This single/ep is the debut release on Vexillary’s own label, con:trace.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vexillarymusic
Bandcamp: https://vexillary.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vexillarymusic/

Mike (VK)

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