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Themes For A Collapsing Empire

Release: 6 August 2021

From the first track right through the album you have very strong vocals and great beats. The electro-Industrial sound is sometimes combined other times its slightly separated and this goes for Vocals as well as the music.

That being said This is an album that should appeal to most fans of electro and Industrial music as well as fans of 80’s Artists like Depeche Mode as there are tracks like “Buy me now” that have a very Depeche Mode feel. The album does a superb job of keeping you entertained and listenening. Erics vocals are superb throughout and that is well worth a mention.

My thoughts are do not disregard this album from your collection as it is well produced with something for everyone.

-Mike (VK)

UNITCODE:MACHINE has unleashed their new full-length album, Themes For A Collapsing Empire. After three weeks on the DAC (Deutch Alternative Charts) and two successful singles, this new release comes as highly-anticipated.  

Themes For A Collapsing Empire is a journey through the mind of Eric Kristoffer after a series of tragic events that 2020 brought. It explores a path of loss and regret, and struggling to cope with such stressful personal events while also trying to endure a global pandemic.

This release is written more from the perspective of Eric the person, and less UNITCODE:MACHINE the project.

Mike (VK)

Site owner and Editor

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