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Release: 12 November 2021

The remixes on this EP make excellent listening. I am not going to say too much but one thing has to be said the “Shot in Black and White” remix by Frank Petzold And Christoph Vitt take this track to very new heights. This is an incredible remix. Easily a powerful enough song to be part of a soundtrack of some high adrenaline thriller. A brilliant piece of work.

-VK Mike

Johnny Tupolev’s [Germany] first proper release “Desperate -The Ep” delivers in a big way! 

The trio is merging man and machine into a powerful cyborg that is simply unstoppable. Augmented by the production skills of John Fryer the band charts their own course in a musical landscape that is ever shifting. Johnny Tupolev are hard hitting and yet have a keen sense of groove and melody. “Desperate” brings back memories of early nineties American cold wave, but their sound and attitude is clearly 21st century magic.

Bringing in Christopher Hall / Stabbing Westward as a remixer was a masterstroke as he works out a clubby and infectious version of the title track. Label mates Sick Jokes paint their own dystopian vision of Johnny Tupolev with their Dark Star remix of “Shot in Black and White. Their mates Frank Petzold And Christoph Vitt adding a level of visual sophistication that is absolutely exceptional!

Johnny Tupolev are ready!

Johnny Tupolev –  Desperate (The EP)
Johnny Tupolev – Desperate (The EP)
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